About Us



About Us

Founded in 2017, Soundwear has been devoted to offering quality personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs) with affordable prices. We cater to the people who want to live their best lives but are not able to because of the high cost of hearing aids and the uncertainty of who to trust.  We offer a full range of hearing solutions that will suit the various needs and lifestyles of our customers.

Our Partner

As an international manufacturer, NewSound has developed several distribution partnerships to ensure that our products are accessible around the world. Our distribution center, IMHear Corporation, located in the USA, distributes, services, and assembles products made for USA, Canada, and Mexico. NewSound’s praise as a unique and optimal hearing aid and PSAP manufacturer has garnered over 20 million hearing devices sold over 15 years. All NewSound’s products are CE certified and FDA registered to make sure we are complying with your local regulations and giving you quality hearing solutions you deserve.

Research & Development

Soundwear asserts that research and development (R&D) is the supreme influence in any company’s growth. Our diverse R&D team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in structural designing, audiology, acoustics, and electronics to make sure you have the most advanced technology in your PSAPs.

So, what makes Soundwear different from so many other companies? Soundwear is committed to being innovative, detail-oriented to its customers and quality, and able to adapt to change. Find the right hearing solution for you and focus on the exciting journey to bringing your hearing back to life!